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Precious Metals Management

With over six decades of expertise, Hindustan Platinum is a trusted leader in precious metals products and services, offering a comprehensive range of solutions across the entire lifecycle of precious metals.

From Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, to Rhodium, Ruthenium, and Iridium, our specialized team provides tailor-made solutions, including customary price-hedging instruments such as outright buy and sell orders, limit orders, forward pricing, and precious metal financing.

We offer physical delivery of metals in various forms such as bars, grains, or sponge at locations worldwide. Additionally, we facilitate services like unallocated metal credit and loco swaps to meet our customers' diverse needs.

Hindustan Platinum's Navi Mumbai refinery is on London Platinum and Palladium Market (LPPM) Good Delivery list for Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium sponge, as well as the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Good Delivery List for Silver. Our bars, crafted with precision and excellence, are widely recognized and accepted by bullion banks and commodity exchanges across the globe.

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