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We refine precious metals with accuracy and precision. Our analytical methods trace the exact quantity and composition, while our high-yield technologies recover maximum precious metals.

Hindustan Platinum is home to premium precious metal refining facilities that cater to a diverse range of materials bearing traces of precious metals. We refine precious metals scrap from a wide and diverse range of industries such as oil refineries, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, nitric acid plants, glass industry, jewellery industry, man-made fiber industry, mining and others.

With more than six decades of experience, we have fined-tuned to perfection various traditional and innovative high-yield technologies to produce high purity precious metals.

Hindustan Platinum employs various measures to ensure stringent quality controls, which in turn ensure accurate traceability at all levels of the process. The precious metals content in scrap or spent catalysts received from industries are the main feed stock for the refinery. Sampling and assaying are key elements of our recovery processes, where precise metals content is determined for each lot received. Hindustan Platinum prides itself on the accuracy of its analytical abilities. Our laboratories are equipped with world class facilities, where a range of tests are performed on the samples including gravimetric analysis, fire assay, titration and ICP spectrometry. These tests reveal the exact precious metal content as well as the impurity profiles in the sample.

Once we have this analysis in place, the refining process recovers the precious metals through a series of physical and chemical hydrometallurgical processes to obtain precious metals that are over 99.95% pure, meeting international standards. These high purity metals are used for various industrial products. These range from catalysts for pharmaceutical industries to alloys used in the manufacture of engineered products like gauze, bushing, spinneret, stirrer, jewelry alloys, contact materials and others.

With our state-of-the-art facility and our use of continuously evolving technologies, we have an unbeaten track record of delivering perfection and precision.

Industries We serve

Hindustan Platinum provides integrated precious metals recovery and refining services on toll refining or outright purchase basis to both large and small scale industries. Our many satisfied customers over the years can vouch for our integrity and reliability.

Oil refinery






Our core objective is to maximize the recovery of precious metals, keeping in mind it's high intrinsic value, we recycle all precious metal bearing scrap. We are completely equipped to recover precious metal contained in industrial scrap as well as catalysts and refine and recycle the same for fabrication into new products as per requirement, or for sale or credit into a metal account.

We offer two solutions:
1. Recovery and Refining of precious metals from Spent catalysts
2. Out-right purchase of Spent catalysts

For both the above options, we have to first determine the precious metal contents for which representative samples from the entire lot need to be drawn for analysis

Sampling can be carried out by various methods depending on equipment available viz

A. Random sampling by Grab method
C. Coning and Quartering method
B. Probe sampling
D. Mechanical sampling

Since the Spent catalysts contains precious metals and is of high value, it is imperative that accurate sampling be carried out. For this, we have at our facility, installed a mechanical sampling system where based on type of Spent catalysts received, sampling is carried out unmanned and on unbiased basis, with throughput of 20 – 25 drums per hour. Material is sieved and segregated into three streams: Main catalyst, Fines and oversize with samples drawn online.

The Refining Process

Depending on the type of material to be reclaimed, hydrometallurgical and/or pyrometallurgical process are followed to achieve the highest possible metal recovery at the lowest possible cost with the shortest turnaround time.

The Hindustan Platinum advantage
  • Reclamation of precious metals from wide variety of scraps & spent catalysts at economical processing costs
  • Latest technology for unbiased accurate sampling of all materials
  • Reliable analytical methods for accurate precious metal determination
  • Modern technologies yielding maximum return of precious metals
  • Well-located to service Europe, Middle East as well as Far East Asia
  • Environmentally friendly processes adhering to Air and Water regulations

Our various certificates stand testament to our core values and commitment to provide contact materials with the highest quality and reliability with repeatability without compromising the environment and safety of our teams.

ISO 9001:2015
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