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Our People

A company where your professional growth is a priority.

Hindustan Platinum celebrates every individual’s potential to perform and shine in their career.

We have created an environment of openness, mutual respect and trust, which enables our people to realise their potential and contribute to the best of their capabilities. 

There is utmost transparency and consistency in whatever we do. A culture of equality ensures that each individual is treated with fairness and dignity. We clearly lay out the company’s expectations, and work with individual employees to create a clear vision for their growth.

We bring in and develop leadership that selflessly works towards the interests of the organization. We inculcate in our people the sense that their contributions are significant. We empower them, and give them the autonomy and freedom to take decisions, As a result, our people feel a strong sense of pride in working for Hindustan Platinum.

Our focus areas

Transforming the organization to develop a unified culture and a value system that are linked with our business objectives.

Working Environment

Co-creating an environment that is founded on a rational approach and broad perspective prevailing upon all limitations.


Bringing a learning orientation in all facets of our work inculcating a spirit of innovation, a search for substance and building command over concepts.


Developing a performance driven organization through objective goal setting, equitable evaluation, continuous feedback and an effective recognition mechanism.

Policies and Practices

Building best in class systems, robust practices and forward looking policies with high people orientation and personal connect.


Giving budding leaders opportunities to grow and excel by developing their capabilities and demonstrating their potential to take on additional responsibilities.


Joy at work, stress free working, encouraging involvement and participation, complete work and life balance and a congenial and creative working milieu.

Diversity and Inclusion

Equal opportunities and representation to all sections of society without any bias, favouritism, or preference.

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