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Responsible. Sustainable.

Making the world a better place.

Hindustan Platinum is more than just a business. It is a socially responsible business committed to positively impacting the environment and community. We believe that the world belongs to every living being. It is our duty to protect and nourish it for future generations.

In fact, a key element of our Mission is “Protecting the environment and community by striving for zero waste”.

Our focus on preserving the environment forms an integral part of our systems. This is reflected in our significant investments in renewable energy, fully integrated effluent treatment plant, root zone system, rainwater harvesting, stringent air-quality control and waste liquid neutralization, organic waste converter, etc. Although we meet strict environmental regulations, our R&D team strives to continuously improve all processes, in particular, energy and water conservation. To state it simply, we contribute to the world’s economy but not at the cost of the world's ecology!

Becoming a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and making a pledge towards Responsible Sourcing, stand testimony to Hindustan Platinum’s commitment to providing better products and services in a way that is profitable, ethical and respects the environment and the communities in which it operates across the world.

It’s growth only when it’s inclusive.

It is with this belief in mind that we have taken, and continue to take, steps that ensure sustainable change in society. Our development activities are designed to improve quality of life. Core areas that our teams are working on are health care and sanitisation, education, empowerment for women, facilities for senior citizens, environment sustainability, promotion and protection of art, culture and sports, support for armed forces, rural development, medical and animal welfare, and contribution towards disaster relief and technology incubators.


At Hindustan Platinum, we understand that the more we give, the more we grow. We actively look for opportunities to reduce our impact on the environment and to contribute to the well-being of communities around us.

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For us, our responsibility to preserve the environment comes first. We consistently work towards developing and adopting solutions that are better for our planet. Our efforts include reaching zero waste and becoming water and energy positive.

Working towards zero waste
We understand our responsibility to keep the environment clean and free from pollutants. To enable this, we have taken the following steps:

  • Installing Effluent Treatment Plants, to purify industrial wastewater for reuse; thus conserving water
  • Reusing solid waste by providing it as raw material to other industries
  • Recycling all by-products such as Alumina and Aluminium Sulphate with minimal discharge to solid dumping
  • Using wet scrubbers and dust collectors throughout the plant
  • Active membership of Trans Thane Creek Waste Management Association (TTCWMA) and Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) Co-operative Society Ltd., to ensure that we dispose of occasionally generated hazardous waste , through government authorised agencies
  • Membership of Thane Belapur Industrial Association (TBIA) helps us to discuss environment related challenges and issues with governing bodies like MIDC, MPCB, DISH and others

Becoming water and energy positive
Over the years we have undertaken several measures to bring us closer to our goal:

  • We use rainwater harvesting and have created a sewage root zone facility to practice water conservation
  • Through our investments in wind farms and solar parks, we generate more green energy than the energy we consume as a company. We have installed wind and solar renewable energy plants in the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra
  • Our commitment towards green practices has led us to convert all plant operations such that we use CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) instead of LDO (Light Diesel Oil). Further, we have consciously worked towards reducing our CNG consumption year-on-year.
  • We have reduced process water consumption by approximately 30% over the last three years
  • We have significantly reduced our electricity consumption by changing conventional light sources to LED and installing VFDs (Variable frequency drive)

Our ability to meet our goals, depends on our people. Thus, we constantly engage, involve, and train them on the need for conservation, and on our various initiatives.


Our success relies on the satisfaction of our stakeholders and we ensure that we address all their needs and work towards building trust.

Our customers come first, and it is our constant endeavour to provide them with innovative solutions at competitive prices. Along with our strict adherence to quality norms, we are constantly improving our products and processes by using cutting-edge technologies and enhancing our technical expertise. Confidentially is an important element of customer engagement for us and we code all sensitive customer related information.

Our commitment to our customers does not stop here. We pursue shared growth, helping our customers to enhance their competitiveness and meet their own sustainability goals. We believe that this partnership-based approach helps establish trust while demonstrating an important element of our value proposition. We proactively communicate with customers to identify their needs and ways in which we can collaborate.

Our partnership-based approach extends to our suppliers too. We work with individual vendors to improve their processes and bring down defect rates. We hold training sessions on manufacturing standards, and have mechanisms in place to ensure on-time payments. These efforts have helped us build long lasting associations with our suppliers.


When our employees are engaged and empowered we thrive. We go the extra mile to ensure they have a sense of purpose and feel valued and fulfilled at work.

  • Empowerment and People Participation: Our employees are participants in our long-term vision and goals. They are involved in our business plans, and are empowered to take decisions to execute these plans and move us towards our goals. We believe that our interventions can truly succeed only with the active participation, support and involvement of our people. Thus, all in-house committees consist of people drawn from different levels and functions across the organisation. We regularly organise events to keep people engaged with each other and the company.
  • Learning and Development: Training is an integral part of building awareness and educating people about systems, technologies, products and policies. From the day a person joins our organisation, a structured process of training and retraining, both on-the-job and in a classroom, commences. However, our training sessions are not restricted to job-related subjects. We encourage employees to up-skill and undergo leadership training. We also hold workshops on subjects such as healthcare, wellness, and emotional well-being, to ensure a wholistic approach to growth. We also organise events on themes like environmental protection, climate change, fire and road safety, to create awareness among our employees.
  • Safety: We foster a culture where individuals feel accountable for their safety as well as the safety of their co-workers. Our voluntary memberships of the Nation Safety Council and the British Safety Council speak of our commitment to safety. We have controlled mishaps to a large extent and are well on our way to making the organisation accident free. Our approach to constant learning and re-learning is also helping us build best practices in safety and health. We have a clearly defined EHS policy. Accompanying practices educate our employees on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). To gauge the effectiveness of our processes and interventions we regularly conduct Internal and External Safety Audits. These audits help us improve operational efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, improve safety standards, maintenance scheduling, and set budgets, among other things.

    Not only do we ensure the safety of our people, we do everything possible to safeguard their health. Each employee of the company is required to undergo a medical examination. Following which we organise consultations and counselling sessions for our staff to understand how to maintain overall wellness for themselves and their families.

At Hindustan Platinum, we believe in holding ourselves to the highest standards of ethical, moral and social responsibility. In keeping with our commitment, we comply with the all the applicable laws and rules that govern our business.

We have always believed that’s it’s our responsibility to give back to the communities in which we live and work. We strive to improve the lives of these communities through Hindustan Platinum’s corporate social responsibility initiatives and under our non-profit Choksi Charity Foundation.

We also comply with LBMA’s and LPPM’s responsible sourcing guidelines through our Responsible Sourcing Policy. The policy ensures that we committed to doing business in line with the OECD Due Diligence guidance.

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